Roxy’s Diary

Roxy’s Diary

Another day in paradise! I may be one of the oldest residents on the farm, but that sure comes with some major perks.

Every morning, I am greeted with a smile, a “good morning sweet Roxy!” and a treat. I get a special concoction of grain, apple sauce, and banana (because a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!). I know there are two pills for my arthritis hidden somewhere in that mix, but I don’t really notice. Sometimes, I admit, I do like to put my nose up just to get more goodies! It’s a great trick–I tell my friend Sparky he should do the same but he hasn’t yet figured out how to get maximum spoiling like me!

After I get my morning snacks, I get my morning scratches. Then I wait for the humans to put a ramp down so that I can get out of the barn more easily–I’m a little stiff in the morning when I first get up from bed. Once I’m out, I get to spend the entire day in the farm’s best paddock (in my opinion, anyway!) It is so spacious, so lush with grass, has a great big shelter, and I can see everything that goes on in the day since it’s right in the middle. I share this space with my best friend Sparky and my two potbellied roommates, Charlize and Pippa. Charlize and Pippa like to compete with me for the best sleeping spot sometimes, but as the farm’s matriarch, I usually get my way. We have learned to respect each other as we spend more time together.

I spend the entire day snoozing, eating grass, sunbathing, and eating my custom mix of grain, beet pulp, and hay cubes. It’s a pretty great life for an old lady like me! Recently I’ve also been posing for photos with my three maids–er, I mean staff. Everybody loves me! What’s not to love? I think everyone recognizes that I am the sweetest girl on the farm!

After spending my day in the paddock, it’s back inside the barn for dinner, a fresh pile of hay, and a comfy bed to snuggle up with Sparky in. We love to lean against each other and get cozy for the evening. In fact, it’s time to do that very thing right now. Sparky is waiting for his bedtime story!

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