Support the Animals from Big Sky Ranch

Support the Animals from Big Sky Ranch

Following the passing of Big Sky Ranch Founder, Andy Parent, and after many years of dedicated and inspiring service, local animal shelter Big Sky Ranch is closing their doors. When we heard that many of their animals were in need of a new forever home, we committed to helping, wholeheartedly. Their organization has helped over 3,500 animals over the past 22 years, and now we are able to carry on their legacy of kindness and compassion. We are honoured to provide a new home for their resident animals.

We’ve now welcomed all of our new friends from Big Sky Ranch; including sheep, donkeys, goats, a llama and a pony. If you’ve donated to Big Sky Ranch previously, the animals would love your continued support here.

Now that our shelter expansion #fortheanimals is complete, we need to expand our monthly donor base!

Our monthly donors cover operating costs for the current residents and together we ensure they live their best lives possible. Now that we have almost doubled in number of residents, we need to grow our monthly donor base too.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor – every dollar helps support our mission in a very big way.

If you supported Big Sky Ranch in the past, please consider allocating your contributions to the Sweet Sanctuary, and continue supporting the animals in their new permanent home.

Please use the buttons below to share this need with others that may be interested in supporting our work for the animals:

🤍🤎 To all our Run for the Herd participants & supporters… a special note from Leo.

I may be new around here, but I already know that my nickname should be Lucky Leo. I had an amazing life at Big Sky Ranch, and my transition to Sweet Sanctuary has been even better than I expected. The Sweet Sanctuary has ensured that my transition to my new life-long home has been as stress free as possible. Each night, I’m tucked into a freshly bedded stall with my bestie, Buckley. I get my dinner, my hay snack, my salt block, and my minerals to keep me healthy. During the day, I get to explore Goat Mountain with the rest of my Big Sky Crew. It really is perfect!

Even though I’ve only been at the Sanctuary for a few months, I’ve seen some big changes since my arrival. I have watched while they planned, built, and updated all of the spaces around me. New fences, new buildings, new spaces! It’s a lot! On top of our daily feed and bedding, I think it must be a lot of work for everyone. So when I heard about the run I thought it was a great idea (and not just because I love running!). I think it’s so amazing that you have agreed to run for me and my friends, new and old. With every step and effort, it makes my life better. That’s pretty amazing! Thank you so much for your support. Trust me when I say that all of my goat pals are cheering you on and saying a great big thank you. You are the G.O.A.T for helping all of us goats!

Love from, Leo

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Only 4 more days until our virtual Run for the Herd! The Golden Girls want to know, who are you running for this year?

Sign up by Nov. 3 🍂

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