Pablo’s Diary

Pablo’s Diary

It’s been a busy week for me! I know Caramilk likes to think of himself as boss of the farm, but really it’s me. (I’ll also challenge him to a sound off one day. I bet I’m louder than he is!)

I work at the sanctuary, you know. That’s right. I’m in charge around here and it’s my responsibility to manage everything that goes on. I start my work day early in the morning by supervising feeding. I dutifully follow the humans doing farm chores around and ensure that everything is done correctly. I stop at the chicken house before the humans even get to the door to let them know to feed and let them out first. Next, it’s off to the main barn where I watch carefully to make sure both the pigs and horses are fed their correct rations. I also do the important job of cleaning up any spilled grain to keep mice out of our barn. Plus, it’s pretty tasty which is an added bonus. 

I will hop in the Gator next or sometimes run along beside it to put hay out and let the goats out. It’s so much work! But I show up for my shift day in and day out to look after all of the sanctuary residents. 

I help direct the humans where to turn out the horses and then I get to relax a little bit while they work at chores. I find myself a cozy hang out spot and watch the farm surroundings, being sure to announce any hay deliveries, feed and bedding deliveries, or vet visits. Alerting the people is a very important job! 

When there are no deliveries happening, I like to hang out with some of our residents. I had a really good chat with Piggie Smalls this week. He was asking me about my rescue story since he knows that everyone here is a rescue (yep, even though I’m not a resident, I’m still a rescue!) I told him all about growing up in Antigua and how scared I felt on the plane ride to Ontario. I told him that he wouldn’t believe how thin I was back then. Piggie Smalls laughed at this and told me he couldn’t imagine it and made a comment on my weight: I’m one portly Potcake. Fine, maybe I’ve put on a few too many pounds this winter… but I’ve earned it! (Plus, he should speak for himself!) But it was nice to remember where I’ve come from and how much my life has changed. I am so happy to be the boss here and can’t believe my luck when I think back to my difficult life back in Antigua. 

Anyway, after this stroll down memory lane, I had to hurry off to help the humans with their spring clean up. We are spending so much time outside right now clearing up all the branches, leaves, and rocks from the paddocks. In no time at all it was time to do my evening role of feeding again and bringing everybody back in for the night. It will soon be time to do night check with the humans and make sure everyone is tucked into bed. 

Then, finally, I can go to bed too! It’s a busy life for a dog, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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