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100% of your donation directly supports the residents and our mission to provide life-long sanctuary. To donate now, click the button below.

Here's how you can help this holiday season:

As all the residents head into the New Year, our top priority is securing more monthly donors – please consider joining the Sweet Fam by starting a monthly pledge for the holidays and beyond if you are able to, or making a one-time donation in support of our medical bills.

The animals and their caretakers thank you with all their hearts!

Start a monthly pledge

Give a gift that keeps on giving for the many new residents that found sanctuary this year

This year, we have almost doubled in size! We welcomed 26 animals in need of forever sanctuary — this is a commitment to provide these animals with everything they need; feed, shelter, and medical care, for the rest of their lives.

This is why we need your support. Our monthly donors sustain the Sweet Sanctuary expenses by supporting our regular, ongoing costs of operations. That includes the cost of grain and hay each month, shelter bedding, safe and secure fences, and medical care. Taking on all of the new residents, means that these expenses have nearly doubled.

Give a one-time gift

Give a one-time gift that supports our life-saving mission for the animals.

Support Loca’s Legacy Fund: Our veterinary costs were extra high this year as we welcomed 26 new residents to the sanctuary that required health checks, quarantine, emergency care, nutrition programs, medications and diagnostics.

We faced new challenges, and new opportunities to better the lives of the residents, including:

  • Life-saving cancer diagnostics, hospital visits, and special treatments for our goat, Austin Powers.
  • Regular laser therapy sessions to improve mobility issues and the pain associated with arthritis for our senior goat, Sparky.
  • Equine dentistry for all of our donkeys, horses, and ponies.
  • Specialized senior care for Don-K, Punkin, Roxy, Sparky, Hugo, Arnie, and more.

How your donations help:

Feed and supplements

Grain, hay, fresh produce, and special supplements are one of our major expenses for the animals. Our feeding program is designed to meet each animals’ individual needs while providing optimal nutrition for health and longevity – we even have custom-milled pig pellets!

Veterinary care and medicine

Every animal arriving at the Sweet Sanctuary receives medical care; from health checks and diagnostics, to life-saving interventions, cancer treatments, surgeries, and regularly scheduled vet visits. We ensure that every animal has access to the very best health care.

Lifelong sanctuary

Our team works hard to ensure the animals have everything they need to live their best lives, including warm shelters, large pastures, safe fences, clean and deeply bedded sleeping spaces, great friends, and enrichment.

Thank you for your love and generosity #fortheanimals!

We couldn’t do this without you.