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I’ve been afraid to make this post because we really don’t know what the outcome will be, but I do want to let you know what we’ve been working on. At around midnight on Friday this special pig named Arnie officially came under our care. It was a 9 hour round trip to get him safely loaded and into quarantine at home, working alongside Mel’s All Animal Rescue to make it happen. We were shocked and heartbroken to see his condition, which you will see a glimpse of here. Pigs tremble in pain. He is in extreme pain when he stands or walks, his entire body trembles. He is panting so much because he just got up to take a few steps. We immediately started a pain management program for him which is one thing, but diagnosing his problem(s) is another. The medical research for pigs to live past 6 months is extremely limited. Sick pigs are not given a chance, meaning we can’t learn from experience, and most medications are not tested for long term use. Long term care, when something is off, is one of the most challenging aspects of providing a forever home to pigs. Sanctuaries are continuously pushing the boundaries and advocating for these beautiful animals to get them the health care they deserve. Today we had a really good checkup and tweaked our plan. We are treating first for a pelvic injury or nerve damage to see how we do going that route for a few days. If we get no where, we will try treating something else. We will take X-rays and we will keep trying so long as we can manage his pain. The good news is he is eating and drinking. Arnie is so deserving of a forever home and a happy life, and I promise you if we can get him feeling better we will make him a magical house in the forest, and rescue more gentle giants to share his happy place. If you would like to help us with his medical bills and care, please consider making a donation, and send him all your healing thoughts. ♥️ #animalrescue #farmsanctuary #bekindtoallkinds #supporteachother #friendsnotfood #everyonedeservesaforeverhome

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