About the Sweet Sanctuary

In 2016 we opened our hearts – and barn doors – to a herd of 7 slaughter-bound miniature horses; igniting a shared passion for helping helpless animals. Since then, we have continued to rescue and re-rehabilitate horses and other farm animals suffering neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

About Us

The dream is to open a farm sanctuary for you to experience the true nature of farm animals and horses. A place where they are treated as sentient beings, with respect and care, the way it should be.

Meet the animal lovers! Sarah and Steven are co-founders of the Sweet Sanctuary and run the day-to-day farm operations. It is a labour of love and passion, and there’s room to  expand the sanctuary to accommodate more animals in need.

“We love animals – all animals – just the same. Whether they roam the pasture or snuggle on the couch with us, we view them as equals. We are vegan foodies and happy to share the yummy virtues and positive impacts of adopting a plant-based diet.”

Off the farm, they maintain full-time jobs to cover the expense of caring for so many animals.

Sarah works in communications for an international education charity, and Steven is a mechanical engineer working towards his professional designation.

Mission & Vision

The Sweet Sanctuary is a hands-on farm sanctuary, devoted to the daily care, rehabilitation, and individual needs of each animal. We provide sanctuary to at-risk horses and farm animals suffering neglect, abuse, or abandonment. We stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves by providing care, sharing their stories, showcasing the true nature of farmed animals, and promoting wider adoption of plant-based eating to end animal suffering.

Together we can create a safe and peaceful refuge for animals in need while growing awareness and concern for the harsh realities of factory farming and the horse slaughter industry. We can build excitement in our community towards greater adoption of plant-based eating.

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