The Lucky 12

On October 19, 2018 our special rescue pig, Mamma Bear, gave birth to twelve piglets. Twelve little animal people! She arrived at the Sweet Sanctuary one month pregnant.

We are so happy that Mamma Bear could have her babies in a safe and loving environment, and be given the opportunity to raise and nurture them as every Mamma should.

We are so excited to announce our proud sponsor parents!

Thank you for your love, generosity, and shared vision for the animals. You’ve helped us provide these babies with all that they need to thrive including some very creative names! Mamma Bear would especially like to thank you.

The lucky 12 sponsorship program helps us with their initial vetting costs, spay and neuter, feed, bedding, and daily care. Each sponsor was responsible for naming their piglet, and has signed on for a one year commitment to support them.

Sponsor: Carolyn Eaves

Sponsor: andrew & brad

Sponsor: homeopawthic

Sponsor: nancy doherty

Sponsor: Kim Giles

Sponsor: Maria & Eric

Sponsor: sara watt

Sponsor: daniel carleton

Sponsor: sean & debbie wong

Sponsor: melanie boudens, owner of grow your roots cafe