Your donation goes directly towards the sanctuary and our animals (current and future). We are a registered Not-For-Profit and look forward to offering tax receipts when when our charitable status application is finalized and approved.

Be Sweet & Send a Valentine

We’ve created 6 FUN LOVING e-cards that you can set up and send to someone special by giving a donation in their name.

This little love day fundraiser will help us through our toughest winter yet, and go directly towards our next big hay delivery which we are about 10 days away from. Because of the extreme cold we’ve been going through hay so quickly keeping everyone warm, not to mention our hydro bill to keep the lucky 12 heat on.

Thank you to all our sweethearts near and far, we hope you will participate!

Sponsor an Animal

Help cover the monthly costs of your favourite Sweet Sanctuary resident.

Monthly sponsorship helps us cover the regular expenses for animal care and is vital to the sanctuary’s sustainability. Funds go towards feed, bedding, mineral blocks or supplements, enrichment toys and treats.

Monthly financial support makes a huge impact on our ability to go rescue more animals in need. Rescue missions are expensive; there is always transport, quarantine, vetting, spay/neuter, shelter or fence requirements, rehabilitation needs, etc., etc. We thank you for enabling us to go rescue more animals in need!

Make a Donation

Give a financial gift to help us care for our rescued animals.

Make a one-time or a monthly donation to help us with our ongoing expenses. Funds will go towards loads of hay and bedding, routine vet and farrier visits, farm repair and maintenance work, and new rescue missions as soon as space becomes available.

Shop: The Lucky 12 Bracelet

These special bracelets feature 12 rhondonite or sesame jasper stones which represent each piglet, a piglet charm, black lava beads, and one large rosewood bead to represent our Mamma Bear.

Rhondonite is the stone of compassion, Sesame Jasper is the stone of nurturing, black lava is grounding and calming, and rosewood is associated with the heart chakra. You can rub essential oils onto the lava beads for fragrance all day.

100% of the sale of these limited edition bracelets goes to the sanctuary.

Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsors

Bows for Needy Paws


Is your organization interested in supporting our mission? Please contact us to discuss corporate sponsorship ideas.