Support Loca's Legacy Fund

Our Medical fund has been renamed to honour our sweet dog Loca who died of brain cancer on September 2, 2020. Loca loved life, especially her sanctuary life and the JOY she found in befriending and taking care of all the beautiful animals here.

Loca’s Legacy Fund will provide help in extraordinary medical circumstances.

Loca’s legacy will always be that she believed you must live your best life each and every single day – and that is exactly what she did!

Loca was a never ending source of joy, enthusiasm, love and optimism. She was a mother-figure to many of the animals here, a BFF to the Lucky 12, and a chosen sister to Grace Kelly. She was also a huge inspiration for the Sweet Sanctuary.

To help provide the best life for the sanctuary animals that Loca loved dearly and with all her heart, this fund will provide help in unexpected and extraordinary circumstances to enable a “no we can’t” to become a “yes we can!” In honour of Loca’s beautiful life, and all that she inspired us to do, the medical fund will now be known as Loca’s Legacy Fund.

The Sweet Sanctuary Animal Rescue is a registered Canadian charity, and all financial gifts are tax-deductible.