Yoga with Kassandra and the Pigs

Yoga with Kassandra and the Pigs

We are so excited to be back with another virtual yoga fundraiser class, hosted by Yoga With Kassandra, with a few special guests from the Sweet Sanctuary’s Pig Paradise family.

This year, we have expanded the sanctuary to help over 25 more animals in need of a forever home, including sheep, goats, a llama, and donkeys. Your support is needed, now more than ever!

Here’s how it works:

  • Enjoy –Take the full body yoga practice below. Practice with the pigs as many times as you like – the more views, the better!
  • Donate Leave a one-time donation of any amount – or make it monthly! With so many new life long friends joining us at the Sweet Sanctuary, we are seeking more monthly donors to help sustain our increased feed and medical costs.
  • Share – Give a thumbs up on YouTube, and consider sharing it with your family and friends. Kassandra is donating the ad money from this video, so the more shares, the better!

Thank you, Kassandra, for hosting this amazing online fundraiser #fortheanimals, and thank you to everyone who practiced today and helped the animals. 

Your donation directly supports our mission to provide life-long sanctuary, feed, medical care, and shelter to so many animals in need. 

We couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for joining us, Sweet fam!

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Learn more about the Sweet Sanctuary

The Sweet Sanctuary is a registered charity located in Mississippi Mills, Ontario, Canada. We provide a forever home to horses and farm animals that have either retired from being used in an industry, or found their second chance after being rescued from neglect, abuse, injury or abandonment.

We provide the animals with medical care, feed, shelter, and individualized care, such as prescriptions, supplements, and enrichment, for the rest of their natural lives.

We ensure that the animals have friends of their own kind, feel love, kindness, and compassion, for all of their days.

In 2021, Kassandra hosted our first Yoga with the pigs fundraiser class, and it was a huge success!

You can still take our 2021 edition of Yoga with the Pigs. Find it here, along with thousands of amazing free yoga practices on her channel (isn’t Kassandra the best)?!


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