Caramilk’s Diary

Caramilk’s Diary

Cocka doodle doo! That’s how my morning starts…and the morning for everyone on the farm. Sometimes I treat everyone to my announcements every hour of the day if I’m feeling extra generous. I’m sure they all really appreciate it.

I like to let everyone know I’m here, I’m proud, and I’m loud. I think they’ve got the message now during my 3rd year at the sanctuary.

I had a particularly busy day today. I have a really important job protecting my girls. Every morning I’m on the lookout for danger, and it starts with one of the humans rudely opening my bedroom door without even knocking. They just come right into my coop like they own the place. So I can’t help it if I get a bit peckish (and I don’t mean hungry!). Now, the humans are always very nice to all of my ladies, but I’m always at the ready to defend the family should the need arise. But today was not that day. They just said hello, checked my water, and fed me a very tasty granola mix. The sunflower seeds are my favourite!

And even though it has been this way day in and day out, a good rooster never lets his guard down, and I’m definitely a good rooster!

After breakfast, I spent the day with my ladies pecking around, dust bathing, snoozing, and of course keeping on the lookout for danger. I was interrupted again later in the day when my housekeeping arrived. We usually get some additional sunflower seeds on the chicknic table in exchange for access to our bedroom. Though if it’s too cold they work around us inside instead. Today was a nice warm sunny day so my ladies and I were already outside looking for the first bugs of the year when cleaning time came around. I’m looking forward to the summer when it’s warm enough for us to spend the whole day outside and I barely notice cleaning time. It’s not summer yet though, so I kept on the heels of the pesky housekeeping making sure I kept myself between my ladies and her at all times. Never surrender!

Once again, no danger ever surfaced, but I was sure ready.

And here we are, almost time for my night check already. I’m huddled up with the ladies and so sleepy that it’s the one time I don’t jump to attention. Luckily it’s usually a quick visit and then we get to sleep the whole night through happily. It’s nice and warm when we all roost together. It’s my favourite moment of the day when my ladies feel so safe and warm being protected by me.

So that was my day. Time for me to go to sleep. After all, it’s always an early start for me. It’s a tough job being the Sanctuary alarm clock, but someone’s gotta do it! A good rooster never fails at his job, and as we have established, I am a very good rooster.