The Sweet Sanctuary is now a registered Canadian Charity!

Sponsor an Animal

Help cover the monthly costs of your favourite Sweet Sanctuary resident.

Monthly sponsorship helps us cover the regular expenses for animal care and is vital to the sanctuary’s sustainability. Funds go towards feed, bedding, mineral blocks or supplements, enrichment toys and treats.

Monthly financial support makes a huge impact on our ability to go rescue more animals in need. Rescue missions are expensive; there is always transport, quarantine, vetting, spay/neuter, shelter or fence requirements, rehabilitation needs, etc., etc. We thank you for enabling us to go rescue more animals in need!


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Sponsorship Package

As a thank you for your monthly sponsorship gift, we will mail a personalized Sweet Sanctuary card, photos of the animal you are sponsoring, and a sponsorship certificate. We will also invite you to our annual summer sponsor day!

We have designed a sponsorship package that allows for more than one person to sponsor each animal. We decided to set it up this way to keep the monthly amount minimal while still making a huge impact on our ability to go rescue more animals in need. Thank you for supporting us in our mission!