Make a tax-deductible year-end gift.


Our animal care team is dedicated to meeting each animals’ individual needs and providing optimal nutrition for health and longevity – we even have custom-milled pig pellets! Grain, hay, and supplements are one of our major expenses for the animals and one of our most essential daily tasks that your donations will support.


Every animal arriving at the Sweet Sanctuary receives medical care; from health checks and diagnostics, to life-saving interventions, surgeries, and support. Your donations will support our veterinary costs including regular vet visits, emergency calls, spay and neuter, surgeries and hospital stays.


We work hard to provide the very best for the residents both inside and outside of our barns, including warm, deep-bedded shelters, safety from predators, large pastures and enrichment. In 2022, we will open up more land enabling pasture rotation for grazers, expanding pig paradise, and making goat mountain double the size.

100% of your donation directly supports our mission for the animals.

We are grateful for your support towards our life-changing work, which we simply could not do without you. Thank you for supporting our mission, and sharing our love for ALL animals. Your kindness and generosity mean everything to the residents.


These are our “big ticket” items we would love to purchase for the animals in 2022. If you are interested in donating one of our major gifts for the animals or making a large donation, please contact us.



Did you know that large animals like cows and equines need 2 acres of land each? We’ve worked hard to open up more acres for grazing, rotation, and play, with more acres opening in 2022. We are fortunate to be able to build our own shelters with our volunteers, and even mill some of our own lumber so we can make the most of your donated dollars! In 2022 we would like to build two new large run-in shelters so we can offer shelter from the elements year-round.

$6500 each



We know this is a BIG ask, we also know how necessary it is. Whether on a rescue mission, scheduled or emergency trip to the vet, we need a safe and dependable trailer available for the residents! We have pre-designed a custom edition of the most affordable trailer out there; it includes a fully-matted ramp and interior, removable partitions to go from a 2-horse trailer to a box stall, and added safety features to keep ALL our travelling residents safe and comfortable. This is a huge ticket item on our wish list for 2022 that will last us at least 15 years!