Mamma Bear

Rescued: JULY 16, 2018

Hi my name is Mamma Bear and I was saved from a local hobby farm.

I was kept with a boar, an unaltered male pig. I got pregnant right away when I was less than one year old and had eight babies, Cruz being one of them. We were posted for sale on kijiji and one at a time my babies were taken from me. By the time my forever home heard about me, I only had one baby left and was already pregnant again.

When we heard about these pigs on kijiji we contacted the farmer and asked if he would surrender the mom and babies to sanctuary. We told him what happens to pigs on kijiji: they don’t get pet homes, they get butchered. They grow to 300 lbs. If they are not spayed and neutered they procreate within months. This farmer had no idea that could be their fate.

Unfortunately at this time only Mamma and one baby were left. The farmer drove them out here so they could have a great life. We couldn’t get the Dad surrendered, but hope he took our advice to have him nuetered.

Mamma Bear arrived at the Sweet Sanctuary three weeks pregnant, and gave birth to twelve babies on October 19. Please consider sponsoring this incredible lady that we are all just in awe of, and know that she will never have to go through this again.

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