All about Lola

Birthday: June 2021
Favourite food: Pumpkin pie

Lola’s Story

Lola, AKA Lola the Jumper, jumped off a transport truck at just four weeks old. She was found wandering on the side of the road, badly scraped and bruised, homeless and scared. She was just a baby, and her family was gone.

Lola is a farm pig, the most common breed used in intensive farming and raised for meat. Designed to grow big very quickly, Lola would have only lived to be about 6 months old. Through the magic of kindness and compassion, and thanks to Lola’s big leap of faith that transport day, Lola found her way to the Sweet Sanctuary. She experienced unconditional love, found trust, warmth, medical care, and acceptance. She found her forever home.

Lola is a happy, hyper, total-sweetheart pig. She LOVES life, snacks, belly rubs, and giving kisses. You’ll almost always find Lola outside rooting, mudding, or suntanning – unless it’s dinner time, and in that case she’ll be hanging her legs up over her gate giving you an earful!

Lola’s first Christmas is almost here! ❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️

Thank you for all your generosity this holiday season and all of your donations #fortheanimals


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Today on #GivingTuesday I’d love to share with you sweet Lola’s story because it reflects our mission to the core.

Our newest resident, Lola the Jumper, took a literal leap of faith when she jumped off a transport truck. She was scraped, bruised, wandering on the side of the road, homeless and scared. Her family was gone.

Through the magic of kindness and compassion Lola found her way to the Sweet Sanctuary. She experienced unconditional love, found trust, warmth, medical care, and acceptance. She was home.

I am so happy we had the resources to provide Lola the forever home and care she deserved. As a charity we rely on the generosity of our donors to carry out this life saving work. And we are honoured to do it 💗 Please consider making a tax deductible donation in support of our mission at the Sweet Sanctuary today.

📸 @thevegancamera

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Honestly I don’t know anyone who deserves a piece of pumpkin pie more than me today 🍰😂 #Lolathejumper #recoveryweek

Thank you for all your sweet wishes!
💗 Lola

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Sweet little Lola is recovering well from her surgery yesterday. It was a big day and she’s needed a lot of sleep to start her recovery. Today she has a good appetite and has even been outside a couple times for a slow walk and bathroom break.

Thank you for all of your sweet messages and best wishes for Lola the jumper. Surgeries are stressful even when they’re carefully planned, and as you can imagine there are not many pigs receiving this type of preventative care ♥️

We’re so grateful to have the best medical team looking after her. Thank you Sarah, Aislinn, and everyone else who helped Lola at the clinic yesterday so she can live her very best life 🙏

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Lola the jumper is heading to the vet this morning for her spay surgery. It’s a big big day to make sure she can live her best, healthiest life 🙏

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Today is a big day for our sweet man Arnie!!

🏡 Constructions starts on our project called Arnie’s Acres. Our team got started at 7:30am!

🐽 Lola completed quarantine and gets to meet her future roomie Arnie through the fence! Love. At. First. Sight.

It’s an incredible day.

We are still raising funds to complete this project. Join #teamarnie by donating or buying Team Arnie merch!

All donations for Arnie are being matched, dollar for dollar up to $5,000. We need to raise $1,100 to reach our project budget. Help us get there for Arnie (& Lola)!

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Good morning, beautiful ♥️

What quarantine life looks like for Lola: Love, kindness, compassion, understanding. Small friends and human friends, good food, warmth, sunshine, vet visits and care. What all animals deserve ♥️

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