All about Ellen

Birthday: May 5, 2019
Favourite food: Blueberries

Ellen’s Story

Ellen arrived at the Sweet Sanctuary in early 2019 after being used in a research lab. She was hatched for an experiment which lasted six weeks, and we’re so grateful Ellen was released to sanctuary life immediately after.

Ellen is a Cornish Cross, often referred to as ‘broilers’ and raised for meat. Sadly these birds are designed to grow big very quickly, with a number of health issues that typically arise early in life. Because of this, Ellen’s diet is strictly monitored to ensure her longterm health and wellness. Blueberries are her go-to treat, and we keep her feeling satisfied with lots of greens along with minimal grains.

Ellen is a total sweetheart, and she loves spending time outside scratching for bugs or dust bathing in the sun. Due to Ellen’s size, she can easily overheat in the summer, so along with her special feeding regimen, we also provide AC on her side of the coop so she can always escape the heat-waves!

Sunset feeding with Ellen 🥰🥰 Sweet Ellen has been living in the house the past few weeks after having some issues with her roomies. We are not sure what provoked the others, but they were all being mean to the sweetest chicken ever, Ellen. It was brutally cold and we were afraid that maybe Ellen was sick, and that the others knew something we didn’t (as chickens often do), but we are happy to say she is just fine! She moved in with us, had a bath and received the preventative medical care she needed just in case. With the warm weather this week she’s been able to hang out while we start our spring cleanup and visit with everyone outside again 🙏
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Family dust bathing 🥰 #friendsnotfood #animalrecue #allanimalsdeservelove #kindness #compassion #farmsanctuary #ellenatssar ...

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Samantha Jones & Ellen keeping cool in the shade today 😎😎 #ellenatssar ...

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Dust bathing season is back and Ellen is here for it! 🙏🐓♥️ The chickie coop was outfitted with cute little ramps for Ellen yesterday. We noticed her not going into the first floor nesting box to sleep like she used to, and struggling to get up the step to leave the coop and go outside. She has struggled with a little soreness on her right side in the past - but these ramps have given her the confidence to keep up with the other ladies! Yay Ellen!
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The inseparable Ellen & Mariah 😆💗 The former lab girls are doing really well. Exploring all over the place and getting lots of exercise! They still sleep separately from the others as they haven’t been fully accepted into the house. Hopefully we can all get along and take the divider down soon.

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Ellen & Mariah enjoyed their first dirt bath here! Keep them off your plate 🙏
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Meet Ellen! Ellen and her sister Mariah were part of a group of almost 40 chicks hatched to be experimented on at a university. The experiment was six weeks, and they got a second chance to live a good life thanks to one of the researchers. All birds were placed in excellent homes!
We are so grateful to the Browns’ Microsanctuary who fostered and cared for these girls for us until they were ready to travel. Five of them arrived last Wednesday with Critter Cabs. Mariah and Ellen will stay with us, and the other three continued on to Contented Clucks Microsanctuary.
These sweet girls are Cornish Crosses, also often referred to as ‘broilers’ (raised for flesh). They want to eat all the time and are bred to get really big at a young age. During the experiment, they were given the same diet they'd have in a factory farm. When released they were already having health issues from their large size. They've all improved so much on their new healthy diet and outdoor time!
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