Austin Powers

Rescued: AUGUST 7, 2017

Hi my name is Austin Powers and I was saved from a dairy farm.

My forever family picked me up when I was one day old, discarded because I was a boy. I was crying because I just wanted them to take me back to my goat Mom. I loved her so much. These tall humans bottle fed me every couple hours to try to replace my real mom. My human parents also brought home my best friend Elvis and they said we were going to live the best lives together, forever.

Elvis and I had a large outdoor area to spend the day and a nice warm barn to spend our night. It was a fun time for us because our horns were growing and we liked to headbutt each other. Our legs, or should I say springs were also growing very fast. Elvis and I would often discuss who had found the largest rock or tree stump to jump on.

I remember when Elvis got sick and the vet came to our barn. I was very happy to meet a new human and would try to show my excitement by jumping on her back. After meeting the vet I remember that my forever parents were sad and concerned for Elvis. A short time later Elvis stopped jumping and passed away. I was very lonely, once again, and I missed jumping with him.

My friend options were then limited: huge horses, two-legged chickens, or a couple dogs who were half white and half black. I decided to try and make friends with the dogs because they were more my size and half my color. This would also allow me to enter the human’s dwelling and jump on the fancy items that they sit and lie on.

Spending some time with the dogs and humans was fun however I knew I must return to the rocks. I could see the lush green grass, maple branches, and baby sumac trees calling to me. I decided to call to my Ma to inform her that I would like a goat friend to live with outdoors.

My call was answered a short time after that. I was excited to meet a fellow springy legged goat who went by the name of Peanut. He could not jump as high but he did teach me to jump sideways which is super cool!

Today we live together at the sanctuary with the other amazing animals. We all get along and enjoy spending our days outside in the sun and if it rains we hide in the barn.

I like to think I run the sanctuary however I usually just eat and eat and eat. You can see my day is pretty full! I actually have to thank my human parents for running the joint. Couldn’t do it with out you. XOXO

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