World Vegan Day: Moments That Led Me to Veganism

Happy World Vegan Day! I wanted to share with you some of the moments that led me to veganism.

I came across this beautiful, inspiring article that featured former meat and dairy farmers who became vegan activists. It shared little snippets of their lives and often livelihood, and moments that begged them to change. I remember a time when I thought going vegan was difficult or that I wouldn’t be able to do it. After reading about multi-generational farmers, that literally gave up every part of their livelihood to change for the animals, this fear of mine was put into perspective.

It’s an oldie, but if you missed it I still say it’s worth a read: Former Meat and Dairy Farmers Who Became Vegan Activists

You might know our amazing goat named Austin Powers who found sanctuary here when he was one day old. He came with a brother from another mother, Elvis, who was maybe 2 weeks old. Despite all of our attempts to save his little life, and help from multiple veterinarians, we couldn’t give Elvis what he needed. We couldn’t make up for the two weeks of neglect he endured simply because he was born a boy, or all that he missed from his mother including her milk. Elvis died in my arms surrounded by love and compassion. He shaped the sanctuary into what it is today. While he hasn’t physically been here for a long time, he will forever be a part of our vision and mission. He is the reason I will be vegan forever.

People celebrate veganism today for many reasons: animal welfare, reducing our carbon footprint, or improving our health. But as you probably suspect, for me it’s all about the animals and today I celebrate for them. We will save more animals by eating plant-based and making simple changes in our lifestyle than we will ever be able to physically save, house, and care for in our barns, no matter how many stalls we add. This way that I choose to live my life is just as important as the work I do everyday on the farm.

I feel so lucky to be able to choose veganism today. To live in a world where we have the means to thrive on plants, and absolutely no need to kill or exploit these beautiful animal people that I call my friends.